About Us

HEY! We're the Kramms and together we created Wick Chick - central Minnesota's newest source for hand-poured, clean-burning candles and wax melts.  We strive to make exceptional products that are highly scented for the best aromatic experience. 

It all started back in 2010 - the college days. I (Keisha) got the itch to find a new hobby. Let's be honest here, I had just a slight candle addiction and I thought it could be cool to make my own. Well, little did I know, my new hobby quickly turned into a business. I launched "Simple Scents by Keisha" and my one-bedroom studio apartment quickly turned into a candle factory!  Things were going great until I graduated and started my career. My first year of teaching was so overwhelming and stressful so I decided to put the business on hold. Boy, did I miss it though...

Fast forward to now and I have an amazing husband and two adorable kids! Jordan and I met at the school that we work at. He's the art teacher and I'm the music teacher.  We've had a crazy eleven years together to say the least. From cancer, to IVF, and multiple side businesses along the way, I finally felt like I was ready to get back into candle-making. I asked Jordan if he would ever be open to the idea of getting back into the candle business and much to my surprise, he said YES! I was so happy to finally relight that flame. I needed to come up with a new name since other businesses adopted the name "Simple Scents." I wanted our name to stick out and thought it would be even better if it could rhyme.  A little brainstorming led us to Wick Chick and the rest is history! 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all and thanks so much for stopping by!  We look forward to serving all of your candle and wax melt needs! 

-Jordan and Keisha Kramm